Laura Ford

Laura makes me laugh. Laughing means I’m having fun. When I’m having fun, I learn better and faster! Laura has taught me so much and I’m grateful to her for getting me this far. I have a big dream and with her help I’m sure it will come true. In fact it has already started as I made my debut performance as a Lost Boy in this year's Green Parrott Peter Pan production.

Galadriel, age 13

I believe that children and adults of all ages and abilities can benefit from singing lessons. My own journey towards musical performance began as a young girl when I was lucky enough to meet a teacher who inspired me and believed in what I could become. Now it’s my turn, to help others discover their passion, master their musical ability, and accompany them along their journey of self-discovery.

Who do I teach?

I offer singing lessons to adults and children age 8 and older.

What is my pedagogical approach?

My first task as a singing teacher is to teach the fundamentals of solid technique, such as breathing, support, posture, tone creation, placement of sound, blending between registers to eliminate vocal breaks, and endurance.

While much of beginning singing involves building technical skills, singing is much more than technique. Singing involves the interpretation of a character, sharing the emotions behind a song, and allowing yourself the freedom to find your voice. Exploring the art of acting and expression through music is also a fundamental part of what I offer my students.

Each lesson is divided between technique training and song singing and interpretation to create a balanced singing lesson. Songs are chosen based on the technical abilities of each student and include a variety of genres and styles.

How much does it cost?

I offer three different lesson formulas to suit the learning needs and availability of my students.

Students may choose to take lessons on a weekly basis for either half an hour or a full hour.

Students may also choose to take an hour lesson every other week. Rates vary depending on the formula you choose.

How do I sign up?

Send me a short message describing your singing goals and experience as well as which lesson formula best suits your needs and availability.

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